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The Congregation in San Felipe

Faithfully Christian...

Clearly Apostolic.


Hermilio Valdizán 669

(2 blocks from Canal 2 TV)

Jesús María

Lima, Perú

The Congregation in  

San Felipe

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We are Christian in that we believe in and follow Jesus Christ. We are Pentecostal in experience.


And we're Apostolic in doctrine! We recognize Word of God as having absolute authority and preeminence in shaping our lives and beliefs.

We are real people – who have really been changed by Jesus Christ.


We would love to tell you our stories! We've been the recipients and witnesses of truly miraculous acts of God. We're not unique; we're ordinary people - but changed by God's power and mercy!

At The Congegation in San Felipe, we strive to help in every facet of life: marriages, youth, children…and more. The Word of God rules!


Click to see more about our different ministries and services.

Come experience Jesus!


The best way to know if this is real is to visit us and see for yourself...  


You are always welcome!

Serving Jesus...Serving Lima.


the congregation
in San Felipe
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Need someone to visit you at home? We'll be happy to go.



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